The Novitec Tuning Programme For The Abarth 500

A new additional ECU awakes unknown reserves of the Abarth's engine and an extensive range of sportive accessories for the Abarth 500 are now available from Novitec, the worldwide leader in customizing Fiats and Alfa Romeos. Stainless steel sport exhaust systems, 17- and 18-inch rims and matching suspension modifications are also part of the programme.
The Novitec engine specialists developed a bespoke additional ECU the NT6-Stradale for the 135 bhp / 99 kW Abarth 500 enigne which boost the power output to 164 bhp / 121 KW. It unleashes the true potential of the 1.4 litre T-Jet four-cylinder engine without compromising durability.

With or without engine tuning: the Novitec stainless-steel sport mufflers and high performance exhaust systems, available with two different tailpipes of various shape, lend the Abarth 500 a more exciting rearward appearance, a more powerful engine sound and optimized performance.

Novitec also adds even more sporty character to the suspension of the turbocharged model: Abarth 500 customers can choose between Novitec sport springs, which lower the ride height by about 35 millimeters, and the height-adjustable Novitec sport suspension made from stainless steel. The latter includes stiffer gas-pressure shock absorber and gives the top-of-the-line model of the 500 range even more agile handling characteristics.

Perfectly matched to the sportier suspension settings are custom-tailored one-piece Novitec N10 light alloy wheels with 17- or 18-inch diameters. The wheels are optionally available as silver polished or matt black painted versions.

Especially extravagant requests can be fulfilled with Novitec N10 8Jx18 wheels. The rim design with eight double spokes is available in different colors or polished versions.
Black-tinted lateral turn signals complete the sporty look of the Abarth.


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