Torsen Limited Slip Differential For Gearbox M32

Torsen Limited Slip Differential For Gearbox M32
Torsen Limited Slip Differential For Gearbox M32
Torsen Limited Slip Differential For Gearbox M32
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Torsen-differential for Fiat's M32 gearbox (limits the slip to 35 % under load, and 25 % without load)
Torsen means "torque sensing" - the differential senses the difference in grip of the two front wheels and assures a progressive transfer of the torque to the wheel with the higher grip and therfore offers a better traction.
The Torsen-differential is very smooth in action - it does not work like a conventional plate LSD which can only work "locked" or "unlocked" - it continuously transfers the engine's power .
The engine's power is no longer reduced by ASR (traction control), respectively Electronic Q2 does not have to improve traction by braking the wheel with less traction (which increases brake pad wear).

Curves can therefore be passed more quickly and without or less ASR / VDC regulation which results in a loss of engine power and weaker acceleration.

This differential does not only improve the handling and speed when driving very sportively, it also improves the traction on slippery roads since it always transfers the engine's torque to the wheel with the best grip.

The washers which are needed for the adjustment of the differential in the gearbox case are not included in the scope of delivery.

We recommend to have the differential mounted by a trained mechanic!

Suitable for:
  • Bravo 198 1.9 Multijet 16V with 150 bhp, various (but not all) 1.4 TJet with 120/150 bhp
  • Grande Punto 1.9 Multijet with 115 bhp, 120 bhp or 130 bhp
  • Abarth Grande Punto
Please provide the VIN of your Fiat (ZFA...) in the order form!

Variant 1:
Limited slip differential only

Variant 2:
Limited slip differential including mounting kit (consisting of 2 differential bearings, 2 seal rings and 2 O-rings)
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